I am Oscar Renkel, an artist. I was born in Russia, which is filled with beauty, but seeing this beauty takes effort. Since childhood I have worked to make everything I touch beautiful. Pictures, clothes, photoshoots, etc. I cannot limit myself to just one thing, I am the creator of my life, where art is the most important part.

When I was a child, I spent my first pocket money to buy a ring. My family lived north of the Arctic Circle near the Arctic Ocean and it was impossible to find a ring there. Despite the shock, my mother soon realized how boring life was to me without jewelry.

My whole body is covered in tattoos. I understand and cherish the value of symbols and signs that bear special meanings. My tattoos changed my life and gave me what I didn’t have. Being different, creating and decorating oneself is a natural necessity for people. Symbols fill my pictures, my body, and my jewelry.

I built my brand in 2017 in New York; the city that smells of freedom, art, and future. In my first collection I applied my philosophy of tattoos to silver ornaments. The second collection focused on Jean-Michel Basquiat and became my turning point; I turned to simplicity and conciseness of shapes. Jewelry became an everyday necessity to me like jeans and a leather jacket. The third collection is called "Saints". It is my study of Vatican which in my opinion is the most beautiful religious denomination. And that is just the beginning ...

Decorate the world with your life. Be unique. Cherish what you value and create beauty where there was none.

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