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Our Story

Hands Remember is an international brand created by Oscar Renkel in  New York, 2017.

Hands Remember jewelry is not just a tribute to fashion; these talismans emphasize the owner's individuality and become part of an individual’s energy. Oscar's simple shapes and symbols have found their way into the brand and have become part of its DNA.

"Hands Remember" is a Mecca for those striving to be unique. 



Collection "Like a tattoo"

In the first collection, Oscar transferred the ideas, symbols, and philosophy of tattooing to the design of silver jewelry. "Like a Tattoo" is the jewelry collection with meaning and strong symbols that influenced Oscar in his youth.

"My whole body is covered with tattoos; I am in awe of the symbols and signs that carry a hidden meaning for us. It can change your entire life and give you what you don't have.

To be different, create oneself, and decorate one's life is a natural need. Symbols fill my paintings, body and jewelry" (c) Hands Remember designer Osсar Renkel.


Collection "Saints"

Saints is based on the symbols of various religious groups and denominations. The cross, the star, the wreath of thorns, and the star of David are just a few symbols featured in the "Saints" collection.

In this line are models with pearls and natural mother-of-pearl. All jewelry is made in silver and different colors of gold.


Collection "Enamel"

Enamel includes all the signature shapes of the brand: crosses, stars, chili peppers, etc., with enamel of the same color. All jewelry is made in silver and different colors of gold.


Collection "Crescent and Star"

The designer conceived the shapes of the Crescent and the Star as symbols of the faith of Eastern religions to continue the "Saints" collection. Intended to be a spiritual expansion of the Saint collection.

The crescent and the star sybmolize of the power and fragility of this world. The cold crescent holds a star in its vaults so that it does not break and continues to shine, illuminating the path for those who seek it. The jewelry in this collection is presented in various combinations of the crescent and the star, which can be worn as stand alone pieces of jewelry or combined with one another. Pieces such as Crescent and Star demonstrate duality in the jewelry line utilizing multiple colors and materials bonded together. The collection also features a choker on a black velvet ribbon and an exclusive model-transforming earring. The earring has two parts of different colors: a "Crescent" stud, which can be worn alone or combined with a detachable pendant "North Star" on a chain. In addition, the line includes the stud "Polar Star" and the more oversized earring "Polar Star" on the ring.


Collection "Rise & Glow"

The collection includes all the main shapes of the brand: crosses and stars with precious, semi-precious stones in different colors of gold.


Collection "Vitrage Hommage"

To create this collection, Oscar was inspired by the masters of medieval stained glass art in a contemporary interpretation. It is just a cursory glance of the brand's designer at the stained glass windows of the world's great shrines from his memories.

Pieces of jewelry with enamel stylized in stained glass resemble fragments of colored glass from Catholic churches.

The collection includes chokers made of freshwater pearls with alternating details of different shapes made of natural materials: malachite, hematite, clamshell, coral, and mother-of-pearl. The line is continued by rings, earrings, and pendants in the shape of signature crosses and stars with colored enamel, which can be combined with pearl chokers in different color variations.

All jewelry is made in silver and different colors of gold.


Collection "Hearts"

The collection was presented on the eve of the most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day. As a result, the brand has released a line of jewelry with the main symbol of love.

Heart-shaped jewelry is the perfect solution for a confession of love any day and anywhere, with or without reason.

The collection includes earrings, studs, and pendants in the shape of a heart with colored enamel, black spinel, or black diamonds. Also, the line features gold jewelry with mother-of-pearl inserts in the shape of hearts. Jewelry is presented in different gold colors, as well as in silver.


Collection "Dove"

The dove is a symbol familiar to everyone today with a special meaning. A series of jewelry symbolizing peace continues the theme of pacifism in the spring 2022 collections.

The image of a dove is fundamental in all world religions and concepts. This symbol is traditionally used in iconography and stained glass art to represent the Holy Spirit, the sacrament, and the renewal of life. In myths and legends, the dove often acts as a messenger, and in world history, the dove is traditionally considered a symbol of freedom and peace.

The jewelry brand Hands Remember, founded by Oscar Renkel, continuously adapts and reacts to the events of today. Peace and love is broadcast in all its cosmopolitan jewelry for all audiences to appreciate.

The Dove collection includes bracelets, pendants, and rings. Jewelry is presented in different gold colors, silver, and gold plated silver. In addition, the collection includes models encrusted with sapphires, black and white diamonds.


The RENKEL FINE JEWELRY is a unique line of jewelry utilizing precious metals, stones and minerals to further expand Oscar’s vision.

"Decorate the world with your life. Be unique. Cherish what you value and create beauty where there was none." (c) - Oscar Renkel, Hands Remember designer.